FRIDAY FREEDOM: Why I Love The Talk on CBS

Why do I love The Talk on CBS?

• JULIE CHEN was known for being a serious journalist on CBS' The Early Show. Now, she's showing her softer self and becoming a seriously, funny sisterfriend, "JuJuaaaaa!" Thanks, Mama Chen.

• HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE was a favorite detective on 21 Jumpstreet alongside Johnny Depp. Now, she's an Autism warrior with the HollyRod Foundation, who helps families find the voice in their children. Plus, watching her cut up on the show reminds me why I've admired her small-screen presence all these years.

• SHARON OSBOURNE was the first matriarch of family reality television. I saw Mrs. O kick colon cancer to the curb. To date, she has raised millions of dollars helping others do the same. The domino effect led to the rest of her famous family becoming healthy in their own right. The Osbournes are role models for restoration.

• SARA GILBERT grew up on the hit sitcom, Roseanne (and still does in syndication). Now, she's the Ivy-league grad, co-mommy of two, executive producer/creator of The Talk. Yeah, she's the boss, but you can't tell by all the bruises coming from her right side by ...

• LEAH REMINI was Saved By The Bell by the King of Queens. Today, she's someone who I'd want on my side if I ever go on the WWE. She's,been one of my all-time favorites, and I look forward to her quips, regardless of her volume.

With a group of women as eclectic as this, fun is likely to erupt throughout every show. The more I watch The Talk, the more my "why?" list grows for each hostess. The show just clicks for me. So, my fingers would fall off if I wrote everything. So, I'm glad The Talk will be around for Season 2. Many thanks, to Les Moonves, Brad Bessey, and John Redmann for being the wind beneath their wings.

Why do you love The Talk on CBS Daytime at 2PM EST?