LOVE POSH.I.ON: Sam Waley-Cohen, The Royal Matchmaker

No need to move over Patti Stanger.  Sam Waley-Cohen will not take credit for causing all of the royal wedding hoopla we are experiencing this week.  However, Prince William and soon-to-be Princess Catherine reunited in 2008 at the 17th-century castle of the Waley-Cohen family. A few weeks later, the papparazzi caught the monarchs on a yacht together.  A few months ago, they announced their engagement.  Thanks to Sam Waley-Cohen, we are living amidst one of cupid's historic nuptuals.

So, the next time someone invites you to a soiree, make sure the address originated before the 18th century and has a mote.  Most importantly, the guest list will include royalty.  You could become the next Princess of Wales.

Would you prefer a Millionaire Matchmaker or a Royal Matchmaker? Why?