MONDAY MOTIVATION: Lady Gaga, The Voice of Intergalactic Value

"I feel that: No one person is more valuable than another."
by Lady Gaga

How can you hate her?

Lady Gaga is The Voice of Intergalactic Value.  The Queen Monster's songs of inspiration have as much impact as any gospel singer.  Her passion for being herself is a great role model for all. Her worth ethic of singing live,  playing the piano, complex choreography, and stunning theatrics are second to none -- none.  Her human rights activism commentaries are borderline missionary.  Indeed, she channels life from a Divine dimension. 

So, congratulations to Lady Gaga, Akon, Troy Carter, Vincent Herbert, Laurieann Gibson, Richard Jackson (aka King Squirrel), the Haus of Gaga, and the entire Interscope team.   In less than 12 hours, Born This Way is the #1 album around the world, and it's no surprise. Paws up!

How can you find Monday Motivation from the Queen Monster?