MONDAY MOTIVATION: Teresa M. Amabile, The Catalyst Professor

One of my all-time favorite professors, Dr. Teresa M. Amabile, Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business Administration and Director of Research Unit Entrepreneurial MA at Harvard University, co-wrote a blog on the Harvard Business Review"The Power of Small Wins" to help small business owners and managers increase productivity in the workplace.

In it, Dr. Amabile's decades of research reveals that: Constant progress and the habit of keeping checklists are the keys to intrinsic motivation and ultimately strategic results.

If you read one of my Most Popular Posts about the Navy SEALs (V O N C E L L E V O L T É: United States Navy SEALs ), you will remember: They used the "small wins" technique to kill Osama Bin Laden.

How do you stay progressive in your Monday Motivation?

Photo: Harvard University