TAKE 54U: 5 Steps to Boost Your Brainpower

Forget the Weekday Blues. Starting today, here are 5 steps to boost your brainpower:

1. Eat a high-protein meal during your workday to feed those neurotransmitters. Leave the pasta for at night.
2. Exhaust your brain with intensive research or high concentration tasks. Take breaks when your brain is full. You can always come back to the lab. Use eye drops to keep the 11's on your forehead at bay.
3. Sleep in silence and darkness. No television, no iPod playlist, nothing. Raindrops, okay.
4. Exercise of your choice for at least 30 minutes. Cardio, strength, or yoga will pump up the blood flow and oxygen. Drink a protein shake for an extra boost.
5. Take a hot shower, and take time pampering your genius.

How do you keep your brain on amp?