THURSDAY THINKTANK: Jessica Mah, The Project Profitess

Jessica Mah is a 20-something force, who's on track to improve the financial management of small businesses. Don't let her age fool you. There's a whole lot of wisdom in this youthful package. As the CEO of inDinero.com, Mah is the real deal.

Not long ago, inDinero.com was a UC Berkeley project. Now, it has become a small business with angel investors from Web 2.0's finest, including Dave McClure of 500 Startups. Mah is aiming to build a company on the 20 to 30-year horizon.

Mah is a fixture at Web 2.0 conferences sharing her growing pains and triumphs. She details how much metrics is at the foundation of her strategy. As a result, a recent relaunch of inDinero.com hints of more good news to come.

As we wish Jessica Mah much success with inDinero.com and beyond, how will you take your project and turn it into profits?