WEDNESDAY WAYSDOM: Paul English, The 7-Day Sage

What if you are so good at what you do, anywhere in the world, that by next Wednesday Paul English will have found you and ... When it's all over, you'd become a Boston Red Sox fan?

Well, the Wednesday Waysdom of Paul English, founder and chief technology officer of Kayak.com are so decisive about hiring that: We all need to take notes. Here's how he deals with Human Resources:

1. There is no human resources department for Kayak.com's 100-person firm.

2. He recruits via networking with employees, and asking "Who's the best person you've ever worked with?"

3. Regardless of where that candidate is on earth, within 7 days, he will find, interview, and hire that smart-working individual.

How do you manage the talent in your business or how long did it take for you get hired?