THURSDAY THINKTANK: Guy Kawasaki, The Tie Master

Guy Kawasaki -- former jeweler and chief evangelist of Apple, now venture capitalist extraordinaire -- shows us how to be a star in our own setting in his latest book, Enchantment.

Here's how he became The Tie Master in this Thursday Thinktank:

1. To be likeable, you must smile with your jaw and eyes. Crows feet are good. (Remember, a man said that.) Forget about Botox. Save money on plastic surgery. p.s. That's why we love Sir Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams because they smile (and laugh) from a deep place.

2. Your handshake should be precise. In the book, Guy provides a detailed, mathematic formula on how to win with your handshake. So, leave your wet noodle on the plate, at home.

3. Dress as if you are wearing a tie (or an Hermés scarf). Never overdress to impress. Don't underdress as if your hamper was your stylist. Meet the profile of your audience. That way, you connect with them.

How are you The Tie Master in your business?