WEDNESDAY WAYSDOM: Nature, The Stress Reliever

Top six stress management strategies for the office, home, and life:

1. Avoid unnecessary stress.
This means reject fruitless assignments, negative people, topics, and the war-torn evening news (yes, even the sweet Katie Couric).

2. Alter the situation.
If you must deal with the event, change the way you see it. Assert yourself, and learn how to manage your time.

3. Adapt to the stressor.
Kill the perfectionism tendency. Think long-term before you act. Focus on the positive. Reframe the way you see the situation.

4. Accept what you can't change.
To everything, there is a season. In this case, you may need to learn something new to prevent this stress in the future. Rally your support network, e.g., your "bff" (not your frenemy) and/or therapist.

5. Make time for fun and relaxation.
During the workday, take your fifteen minute breaks -- and lunch. See nature and the sun without the cancer stick. At home, pamper yourself in a long bath surrounded by candles and soothing music.

6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Get enough sleep. Eat real food. Take vitamins and supplements. Exercise for your level of fitness. Stand or die.

Resource: HelpingGuide.org